Pictures has been turned alive

We have had many pleasant professional challenges since our inception. We made reference films, worked on TV shows (filming, editing), made headlines, simpler 3D animations, memoirs of corporate events, info graphics, and animated short films. Let the pictures speak instead of words!

Virtual Studio

We put our shooted green-box materials into a 3D studio template that we uniguely modified. We have remodelled the template's colors, the objects and the videowall's contents as our client asked. During the post-production we can move the virtual cameras freely and this can give a really realistic and spectacular prospect to the end product.

Event video / Mood film

We made a cozy event video of the opening of the MACCABI World Games in Budapest in the summer of 2019.
Dynamic changes in music, images, and original sounds give the film a basic feel. Intro also feature a "minimal" logo animation.


Television ad of the Dcont Nemere blood sugar meter from 2016.

Promotion video

The company supporting three Olympic athletes wanted to show their initiative and promote to their employees with this short film. In addition to the visual world represented in the three-dimensional space, music was also emphasized here.

Image film 1.

This short film was ordered by the AESTHETICA Medical Center.
It introduces and promotes their laser hair removal service.

Image film 2.

This film produced for the opening ceremony of the Maccabi World Games compares the lives of two young Maccabi athletes. 

Image film 3.

Short film that introduces Mikka-Makka kitten pension.

Internal communication

This internal communication film that used infographics draws the attention of employees to the most important details of an upcomming corporate event.

Training video

We created a presentation-technology online training series with Dr. Prezi (Dr. Zoltán Németh) for the "Zsebpénzügyes" financial competition. The green-box shooted material was embedded in a graphical environment with slides and illustrations. 


This infographics was produced for Nestlé Global - with a simple character animation - for their Water Week event series in 2013.

Animation 1.

An animated short film featuring KIA's new funding model, using character animation together with infographics.

Animation 2.

Slideshow of the First 1000 Days program with nearly a thousand photos embedded in a simpler 3D animation.

Animation 3.

Logo animation for the 8th congress of the Train Drivers' Association.

Animation 4.

…and of course we created a logo animation for Start Video also.

This function has been disabled for Start Video.