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About us

Playing with the pictures

Start Video was established in 1996. We are engaged in the complete production of event-, reference-, report- and documentary films as well as television programs. Based on our more than 20 years experiance it has shown that all kind of production that can fit into the motion picture category is possible. For us, every job is a play with pictures, and the picture really comes to life under our hands.

Balázs Süle - studio manager


Turning picture into life

We will be the most effective when the production is in one hand. With our experienced professionals, we create the synopsis and the script of your movie, shoot the raw material, and take care of your ideas come to life after the post production.

Event video / Mood film

We grab the mood and faithfully bring back the unforgettable moments to relive the experience. With one or more camera crews, we capture the event and make a short mood film – possibly with interviews and background music – which you can proudly share with your partners.

Live broadcasting (stream)

We provide multi-camera on-site broadcasts of your event, with on-site editing possibly with commentators, captions and presentation slides.

Promotion video

We make a promotional, stimulating, and supportive short film that can be an effective part of promoting your campaign, your product, your special promotions, or your upcoming event.

Image film

We introduce your company, services, products. Start Video creates a short image film, that is concise, summarizes the most important "messages" and can be used effectively in places and surfaces where it is important to have the most comprehensive picture of yourself in the shortest possible time.

Internal communication

We support your messages, news, campaigns within the organization with a spectacular short film that will make internal communication more effective, clearer and easier.

Training video

We help you to create effective film support for online or distance education. In a training video the instructor's personal gestures and presentation style, as well as creative visual elements (infographics and animations) can facilitate the effective knowledge transfer.


We create an imaginative, spectacular, and catchy short movie for educational, informative, and promotional purposes, that can be made on its own or as a part of a larger movie. Font, image and character animations in two or three dimensions.


Our simplified two- or three-dimensional animated short film lets you showcase "drier" themes in a spectacular and engaging way.

Let us do your motion picture!

We are aware of besides good quality work, affordable and competitive prices are also important. In this spirit, we have been striving for years to optimize the team of professionals involved in making a film. Of course, it's important to know that quality work isn't in the cheapest category, and we at Start Video are reluctant to let go of quality!
Try it, you won't be disappointed!


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